POSM is basically advertising materials that are used to display brand information to the users.

It is a part of the visual merchandising or promotions campaign tool.

There are different kinds of POSM’s used by brands for their advertising campaigns. For example dummy boxes, posters, shelf branding, standee, bunting, dangler, wobblers, etc.

With our vast experience in the supermarket industry, we can design, produce and install your Point-of-Sale Materials or Point of Purchase standee according to your advertising needs. With knowledge of different supermarkets/ retail and their requirements,we will be able to advice on how to create the point of sale materials for your advertising needs to attract your target customers.
The right materials, processes and constructions are essential for producing POS solutions that protects a product, provide the right image on shelf, and are easy to transport, set up and install.
​Our customized, high quality printing and fast turnaround process ensures you can get your displays created and distributed to your stores islandwide within days. 
No matter what your budget or challenge, our in-house design and innovation specialists can help develop

the best display solution for your retail activation.

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